How to Maintain Your New Construction Home – Part 5: Summer Checklist

Here in the Pacific Northwest, summers are the perfect time to take care of a few tasks outside of your house. The weather is great and finally a bit dryer than the other seasons. Here is a checklist to maintain your new construction home.

  1. Pull weeds in planter areas and spread fresh bark/mulch. By spreading several inches of mulch, you can prevent widespread weed growth.
  2. Inspect around outdoor AC unit for tall grass, weeds, or shrubs that may impact the efficiency of the unit and trim or sweep any debris away from the unit.
  3. Inspect decks (if applicable). Consider re-sealing or painting if needed. Maintaining your deck yearly will prolong the lifespan.
  4. Open garage hose bib shut-off valve for hose bib use. This may have been done in the Spring, if not, do so now to have access to outdoor spigots.
  5. Inspect the crawlspace for any signs of water intrusion from heavy rains. If you see standing water, you may want to get a sump pump for your crawl space which automatically removes water and helps keep things dry below your home.
  6. Turn on and test the lawn irrigation system. Set a watering schedule. Check sprinkler heads to ensure none are broken or signs of broken underground pipes if the system was not winterized. Also, remember to ensure the irrigation system does not spray the house or get into foundation vents. This is best done by a certified landscaper. Refer to your NHO binder for recommended landscapers.
  7. Aerate and fertilize the lawn. This also is best done by a certified landscaper. Refer to your NHO binder for recommended landscapers.
  8. Trim any trees or shrubs away from the house.
  9. Fertilize landscaping. Recommended 5 times a year: February, April, June, August, October.

Keeping your new construction home maintained each season will help keep any major issues at bay and will keep your home looking beautiful for years to come.

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