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01 | Introduction

How to reduce the risk of unknowns when selling your home

  • Lock in your sales price, close date and earnest money.
  • Have a trusted advisor review your agreement.
  • Plan your move well in advance of your sale date..
  • Sell your home as-is without the hassles and costs of preparing for market.
Get the Seven Easy Steps to Selling Your Home for More
Sell your home for more to MN Custom Homes in Bellevue and Kirkland

We created the MN Home Purchase Program to educate home sellers on the process and benefits of working with us. Our commitment to you is to be as transparent about the steps needed to sell your home, considerations and questions from our hundreds of customers and tools and resources to make you a confident seller.

Sell your home for more to MN Custom Homes in Bellevue and Kirkland
02 | Benefits

We Make it Simple. And Easy.

There can be many advantages to selling your home to a builder. Above market sales price, elimination of worrying about market volatility, clarity around your close date and purchase price and having the time to arrange your next move. 

Sell your home for more to MN Custom Homes in Bellevue and Kirkland
Maximize your sale price

Receive a 10-20% above market offer. It’s true. Believe it or not, this process actually makes you money and makes it simple.

Take advantage of a company that’s looking to invest in your neighborhood.

"I heard about selling to a home builder from a friend.  My older home wasn’t in the best condition, but I got more than my neighbor just around the corner."
Bob N.
Houghton | Kirkland
Select your close date

Choose a move out date that works for you. The entire program works around your needs and how we can make the process easy.

Your motivations for moving are unique. Ensuring we understand your reasons for selling and what your next move is helps us structure the sale of your home to meet your needs.

"I knew I was moving to Eastern Washington, but hadn’t found my new home yet. MN Custom Homes worked with me to design a contract that gave me flexibility on a move out date. Without that flexibility, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable selling my home."
Tracy M.
Enatai | Bellevue
Sell your home for more to MN Custom Homes in Bellevue and Kirkland
Don't pay extra at MN Custom Homes
Don't Pay Extra

Partner with a builder who creates a beautiful space not just for the property but for the neighborhood.

Math made easy for home owners who partner with us: fewer costs + less stress = more money and peace of mind!

"Selling my home myself was easier than I thought. No repairs, updates, staging or listing costs. Less costs meant more money left for my move to be closer to my grandkids."
Wanda R.
Newport Hills | Bellevue
The ability to sell "as-is"

Avoid the hassle of repairs and preparing your home for sale. Eliminate living in a home while it’s for sale and on the market.

You have enough on your plate. Why add more ‘honey-dos’ to your list when you’re planning your move, packing and getting ready for your next adventure.

"Having to leave my house staged for tours and open houses didn’t seem appealing. Made my decision to sell to MN Custom Homes the easy one."
Barb L.
Eastgate | Kirkland
Sell your home for more to MN Custom Homes in Bellevue and Kirkland
Sell your home for more to MN Custom Homes in Bellevue and Kirkland
Leaving a legacy

Partner with a builder who creates a beautiful space not just for the property but for the neighborhood.

Make a decision that’s right for you with a partner that’s right for your neighborhood.

"“I was nervous selling to a home builder, but Erik walked me through the process of selling by ourselves and we moved out on our terms."
Marvin & Velma
Wilburton | Bellevue

Work with a reputable builder who treats you with respect, follows through on their word and takes care of the details.

We have closed on 100% of our homes that have passed feasibility; a stat unique in the industry.  We strive to have clean job sites, build efficiently and treat your neighborhood with respect.

"There were other builders that we didn’t feel as comfortable working with. Our neighbors worked with MN Custom Homes as well and referred us to them."
Eugene & Ruth M.
Lake Hills | Bellevue
Sell your home for more to MN Custom Homes in Bellevue and Kirkland
03| PROcess

How it works.

Less stress. Fewer Costs. Peace of Mind.

Step 1: Review the PSA

…and addendums, if applicable, with a professional – preferably a real estate attorney. We want you comfortable with the transaction and a third-party review is usually the best way to achieve this. 

  • Offer price – what are we able to offer you for your property.
  • Earnest money – home much guaranteed money (to you) will we release after feasibility.
  • Close Date – when will the transaction be complete and the remaining funds distributed to you.

Step 2: Sign the PSA

…and send/give to us. You can even do this electronically if you prefer.
That’s it on your end. Nice work.

Sell your home for more to MN Custom Homes in Bellevue and Kirkland

Step 3: Feasibility Review

…this is our review of your property to ensure we can build what we need to build to make it a viable project. It typically take two weeks to review title, easements and jurisdictional restrictions. 

  • Feasibility approved contract (PSA) moves forward as agreed including release of earnest money to you.
  • Feasibility contingent we find something in our review that merits a discussion with you on what the next step is. Approval would be contingent upon us agreeing on next steps.
  • Feasibility terminated we find something that precludes us from being able to move forward. The contract is nullified at that point and the property is yours to continue to own or sell to someone else.
Sell your home for more to MN Custom Homes in Bellevue and Kirkland

Step 4: Closing

on the date agreed upon in the PSA, we close on your property and the agreed upon purchase price gets paid out to you, minus the earnest money that we have already released to you.


A little information goes a long way.

Your agreement with MN Custom Homes is completed crafted around your situation. You can select the best option for you; possibly including additional flexibility within the Purchase & Sale Agreement.

Most homes sales take place “on market” which includes time, money & effort to update/repair your home, listing through a real estate agent, staging your home. etc. Then accept the best offer you can negotiate and hope the financing and contingencies progress as desired. Don’t forget to ensure that your own move works with those timelines.

Yes. This often works out best for everyone. Your renter gets to live in the home as agreed to; you get to collect rent revenue; and with a longer closer date, we can often pay more due to our increased efficiencies in planning/designing our home

The Purchase & Sale Agreement (PSA) is the document that records the agreement between you and MN Custom Homes. It includes the sales price, specific terms, close dates and all details in our offer. We recommend you review this with a real estate attorney to ensure peace of mind with the transaction.

We strive to be as transparent as possible throughout the MN | Home Purchase Program and want you to be confident in our agreement. That’s why we prefer you to review the agreement with a real estate attorney prior to signing. If you need a referral to legal counsel, we are happy to provide you with several reputable, local attorneys.

Our feasibility review is the process of studying the property, soil and other details that determine if we can build the type of home we are looking to develop. It typically takes two weeks to gather are findings and communicate the results to you for next steps.

It typically takes two weeks to gather are findings and communicate the results to you for next steps.

Earnest money is the amount paid to you after our feasibility review is complete. The agreed upon amount is then transferred into your bank account and is non-refundable to us.

Aside from having more money in your bank account, there are a handful of significant benefits to working with us:

  1. There is no need to spend time, money or energy fixing up your home;
  2. You don’t have to spend money on staging your home or hassle with vacating your staged home for a potential buyer.
  3. Unlike listing your home on the market, you get to determine when you move out. Even in hot markets, properties can sit longer than expected – or in some cases sell sooner than you are prepared for.

Absolutely. We take pride in being courteous, clean neighbors while we build. We build homes that you and your neighborhood can be proud of.

05 | Contact Us

Interested in finding out more?

Are you interested in a quick call with one of our Property Acquisition Managers. Let us know if you would like to learn more about the Home Purchase Program or see what your home is worth. We will follow up with you in one business day to schedule a quick 15-20 minute no-obligation call to answer any questions you have. 



Erik Olberg is our home purchasing expert who has worked with hundreds of home owners on the sale of their home.  His experience allows him to navigate the sometime complex factors that occur when going through a life transition like moving. Whether he is assisting families with moving resources, designing a close date around a rental agreement or simply walking you through the home selling process, Erik’s attention to your concerns and questions truly makes him unique.

Scott Marshall


Scott Marshall is a Western Washington native who has been involved in the Puget Sound real estate market since 2007.  He understands that every real estate transaction is special and that every client deserves his complete attention.  He is focused on working with his clients to ensure that their needs are met to the best of his ability.  Scott prides himself on providing exceptional service without pressure or bias.  Please feel free to reach out to Scott with any questions or concerns.  He is happy to help in any way he can.



Since serving his country in the United States Marine Corps, George has spent his professional career helping others in the residential mortgage and private lending industries.  Over the last several years, George has been working to match home sellers and home buyers in the off-market real estate market here on the Eastside.  His familiarity with the Eastside allowed him to become a trusted advisor to dozens of buyers and sellers since 2015.


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