MN Custom Homes Commits To Community and Employees

COVID-19 impacts on local community compel builder to double efforts to provide aid to area families.

MN’s Zero Layoff Pledge

MN Custom Homes is announcing two separate initiatives that will protect valued employees within the company and further vital outreach and funding to Eastside families in need, effective immediately.  “The ripple effect from this situation is pronounced amongst families. While we can’t ease anxiety about many unknowns, we can bring certainty to our employees and their families by committing to ZERO coronavirus layoffs in 2020,” says Shaun McFadden, CEO and Co-Founder.

“There are plenty of other obligations and priorities for our employees to focus on now, like adjusting to working from home and assisting with Zoom classrooms for their children,” echoes Joe Naeseth, COO and Co-Founder. MN Custom Home employees have been set-up to work from home for almost a month using remote resources like Microsoft Teams to communicate internally and with presales buyers.

Employee Deliver the Goods

In addition to MN’s pledge of no layoffs in 2020, the local Eastside builder has mobilized more funding and volunteer resources to charitable partner, Jubilee REACH, which supports local at-risk students and families. “We see the local need growing right before our eyes. This is the time to use our strengths as a builder to reach those in need on the Eastside,” says McFadden. With school closures through the end of the school year, Jubilee REACH is leading efforts in providing groceries and essentials twice per week for well over 1,000 students and family members in urgent need. “MN Custom Home’s deep and genuine commitment to loving their neighbor means that the most vulnerable families right here in our community are receiving food, financial assistance, and social and emotional support during this COVID-19 crisis through our partnership,” says Randy Eng, Executive Director of Jubilee REACH.

Project Profits and Student Mentorship

“We want Jubilee REACH to know they will have the required financial resources to continue to serve. We have been looking for the right time to repeat our “REACH the Need” project that involved 21 vendors and subcontractors contributing donations and discounts on products and services to a home project.  One hundred percent of the profits from the home’s completion/sale were donated to Jubilee REACH’s initiatives that support In-School services and neighborhood outreach.  In addition to the financial contribution, MN is creating a mentorship program with 11th grade students at Sammamish High School to provide a case study to a home project life cycle and highlight careers related to each step in the process.

Shedding Light on the Unmet Need

Naeseth concludes, “We live in an affluent area with some of the best-equipped companies in the world, yet there is an unmet and often overlooked need on the Eastside. This is an opportunity to draw attention to those in need and call other businesses to support their employees and their neighbors in a meaningful way.” MN is inviting other companies to join their support of Jubilee REACH and other non-profits serving the area. Several businesses have already pledged to contribute as part of their 20 for 2020 Campaign to increase Corporate Citizenship on the Eastside.