Festival of Trees Gala 2023

MN Custom Homes proudly stood as the Title Sponsor for this year’s Festival of Trees Gala, hosted Jubilee REACH

In the spirit of giving and community, MN Custom Homes proudly stood as the Title Sponsor again for this year’s Festival of Trees Gala, hosted by the incredible non-profit organization that continues to be an inspiration in our community, Jubilee REACH. 

This year’s Festival of Trees had over 600 guest in attendance – representing all parts of our diverse community. Thanks to the community’s generosity, Jubilee REACH received more funds this year than they had ever received at the Gala from previous years.

The funds raised will support Jubilee REACH’s mission to bring healing, build community, and transform the lives of students and their families in Bellevue. Currently, Jubilee REACH serves in 15 Bellevue public schools, and offers community care, ESL classes, and outreach resources including grocery assistance through the Jubilee REACH Center and Jubilee REACH Thrift Store.

MN is honored to hold the highest level of commitment at the Festival of Trees since 2018. In recent years, our dedication has gone beyond financial support, as our Interior Design and Architecture Team have passionately contributed their creativity and design expertise by participating in Tree Decorating.

We hope to inspire our community and local businesses to also get involved with Jubilee REACH! There are many volunteer opportunities for everyone – whether it be at the Jubilee REACH Thrift Store in Bellevue, the work happening in the Bellevue School District schools, the various programs at the Jubilee REACH Center, or at community-building events.

Looking ahead, MN Custom Homes is thrilled to continue upholding the commitments of Title Sponsor for future Festival of Trees Galas, ensuring the continued success of this cherished community celebration.

For opportunities to get involved with Jubilee REACH, visit https://www.jubileereach.org/getinvolved/about

For more on our MN Cares initiatives, visit us at https://www.mncustom.com/community/

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