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Go-To Interior White Paint Colors new construction homes

Go-To Interior White Paint Colors + Hues

Selecting a white paint color for your home is not as simple as you may think. There are many options to choose from and many elements can affect the color resulting in warmer or cooler hues. This blog will cover some tips on selecting paint colors (specifically whites/neutrals), common white paints, and other complementary elements.

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Interior Design Trends of 2021 Blog Image Header, MN Custom Homes

Custom Home Interior Design Trends in 2021

As we welcome in the new year and look forward to what 2022 can bring, we also want to take a quick look back at where we were in 2021. In the design world, so much can change and develop, especially in the new construction industry. So with that being said, let’s review the trends of 2021.

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How to Design Your Own Smart Home

How To Design Your Own Smart Home

When exploring a new construction home, you have many options to incorporate technology, innovation, and electronics to design your own smart home. While this can be an overwhelming task, it is also one that can be very fun! The benefit of a new construction home with MN Custom Homes is the ability to tailor your home to your needs. Whether that means two washer/dryer sets, a home gym, or touchpads built into every room – when you are starting from the ground up, we have many options for you!

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