How To Design Your Own Smart Home

When exploring a new construction home, you have many options to incorporate technology, innovation, and electronics to design your own smart home. While this can be an overwhelming task, it is also one that can be very fun! The benefit of a new construction home with MN Custom Homes is the ability to tailor your home to your needs. Whether that means two washer/dryer sets, a home gym, or touchpads built into every room – when you are starting from the ground up, we have many options for you!

How can I incorporate technology into my home?

  • If you are someone who is always fussing with the thermostat and feel like it is never the “right” temperature when you want it to be, incorporating a smart home learning thermostat would be for you! A learning thermostat will monitor when you are home, how frequently you adjust the thermostat, and to what temperature. From there, it will learn and know how to predict your temperature needs before you! A smart home component now solves the things that have been such an annoyance.
  • If you are thinking, “my nighttime routine would be easier be if I didn’t need to walk around and check the locks and my garage door was closed” then it would make sense to incorporate wifi smart locks/openers. Now they can activate with just the tap of a button or a voice command. “Alexa, lock my house,” and poof! Your doors are all locked/garage doors closed.
  • Lighting sets the tone in any home, and if you spend time going around adjusting all of the lights in your home to be dim in some living spaces, accent lighting on art, or full bright lights in kids rooms for homework time, you can ask your smart assistant system to turn them on with a command of your choice! For example, “Alexa, Everyday lighting!”
  • For the music lover, we can incorporate integrated speakers into any room of the house for which you are looking to add audio access. To keep it convenient, we can add volume controls in each room so everyone can listen at their chosen volume – or to their music, for that matter! Smart Home technology does not need to be complex – sometimes, just a simple volume knob is all you need.
  • All of this technology is great if you know how to use it. Sometimes, when we rely on our phone for the controls, we run into the issue of not knowing where our phone is or having the battery die just when you are trying to control the volume, or have a guest that is trying to do something simple but doesn’t have access to the controls. Our solution is to add integrated control panels in your walls that essentially act as a phone, but it is built-in, always fully charged, and cannot get lost! You and any guest in your home have the controls without downloading any apps. It is clean, simple, and beautifully complemented by the home design.

Technology is constantly evolving, and new construction homes are as well. At MN Custom Homes, we continuously incorporate the latest building and technology innovations to provide our clients with the most comfortable and advanced home out there. Each client has the opportunity to tailor their home just to their needs. It is your MN Custom Home!

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