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How to Maintain Your New Construction Home – Part 3: Winter Checklist

Now that fall is almost over, there are tasks to do to maintain your new construction home in the winter. Here are a few things to consider doing before the rain and cooler weather set in, especially if you delayed completing your fall to-do checklist.

Winter Maintenance

  • Disconnect Water Hoses – Our area sees moderate temperatures late into fall, so you may have skipped this step during fall maintenance. Now is a great time to double-check that all hoses are disconnected before overnight freezing temperatures set in.
  • Drain Irrigation system – As with the outdoor hoses, now is the time to drain your irrigation system if your home has one. By removing the excess water in the lines, you will hopefully prevent any pipes from bursting.
  • Protect patio furniture – Keep patio furniture from the elements with covers during cold and rainy winter months
  • Check Seals – To block drafts and moisture be on the lookout for debris around doors and windows that might prevent a proper seal.
  • Check Gutters – Check gutters and roofline for ice dams and icicles that block rain and melting snow from flowing properly through the gutter system. A blocked gutter can cause water to flow to unwanted areas, such as the foundation.
  • Test Generator – If applicable, test your generator and check fuel levels, and reserve fuel levels.
  • Fertilize Landscaping. Recommended 4 to 5 times a year, February, April, June, August, October.
  • Test Your Sump Pump – In our area, we experience long periods of rainy weather during the winter months. If your home has one, be sure to test your sewer or storm sump pump and replace batteries on your back-up alarm if it is battery-powered.
  • Reverse your ceiling fans – This is especially helpful for rooms with high ceilings as the updraft created pushes warmer air downward.
  • Prepare for winter weather – Skip the “before the storm” rush at your local hardware store and have a snow shovel or snowblower to clear driveways and sidewalks. Consider using de-icer or sand on sidewalks. Salt can damage concrete, so it is not recommended.
  • Prune Trees, Shrubs, and Bushes – Late in Winter is an optimal time to consider pruning landscaping features such as trees, shrubs, and bushes. By February, plants have been dormant for a while and haven’t yet developed new growth, which is best for pruning.

When you keep up with seasonal maintenance, you’ll keep everything operating at peak performance and looking great. Plus, it’s a great way to notice small repairs before they become a larger, more expensive problem.

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