NW Idea House Double Feature – Why Two Homes?

NW Idea House Double Feature

MN Custom Homes is not only 425‘s Northwest Idea House partner this year, but we’re turning it into a Double Feature. One year, two homes. Let’s take a look at what led to this decision – why two homes?

A primary reason is the distinct design styles that we see in the market. MN’s Co-Founder and CEO, Shaun McFadden, says “The ability to highlight multiple design styles, unique home features, and a variety of locations is a key differentiator in how we serve today’s tech and professional buyers.” No two buyers are exactly the same, so we saw that as an opportunity to highlight two design categories: modern tranquility and transitional sophistication located in Clyde Hill and Robinswood, respectively.

Elizabeth Wenning, Senior Interior Designer, says, “We have a variety of home styles and want to showcase our versatility of design.” Belinda Leppa, our Interior Design Manager, adds, “The reason for two homes is exactly that – to be able to showcase two distinctive design styles and the accomplished custom builder we are.”

Another contributing factor was the ability to present unique neighborhoods with differing price points, amenities, and proximity to multiple tech hubs. Because we do build in different neighborhood pockets, we found it ideal to showcase a few from our upcoming inventory throughout the Eastside.

We believe in making a meaningful impact to those in need and have identified ideal nonprofit partners that we can support through our strengths as the largest Eastside in-fill developer. We’d like to take the opportunity to highlight partner organizations that are making positive impacts on families and students that are most in need, including Jubilee REACH (JR) and our latest partnership with Imagine Housing and its low-income programs.

During this year’s NW Idea House Series, we are celebrating our third Jubilee REACH home. Other than partnering with them on the mentorship program, Service Month, and Annual Festival of Trees Gala, we also build special homes where 100% of the profit goes directly to funding JR’s programs. We are elated to announce that 100% of the profits of one of our idea houses this year is getting donated to JR! More info about our partnership with JR can be found here.

Both homes are on track for a fall completion so stay tuned as we provide updates throughout construction.

Everything MN x 425 can be found at mncustom.com/NW-idea-house.

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