MN’s Approach to Eco-Friendly Home Construction

Eco-friendly homes are better for the environment and your family.

MN Custom Homes strives to innovate in all our home projects by creating luxury homes that are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. We take special care in areas like site and water protection, materials and energy efficiency, and air quality for your family’s and the planet’s health.

Why are Eco-Friendly Homes Better?

It’s clear that eco-friendly homes are better for the environment, but they’re also good for homeowners! 

MN’s eco-friendly homes offer benefits like:

  • Lower utility bills by using smart home features that save water and energy.
  • Easier lawn maintenance by planting more native species into your landscaping.
  • Expedited build time, as many municipalities offer incentives for certifying through Built Green like expedited permitting. This means you’ll get the keys to your MN Presale Home even sooner. 
  • Quality Assurance, as all Built Green certifications require third-party verification, which provides an additional level of project scrutiny. Certification means more people have inspected and approved the project and you can rest easy knowing your home is authorized by the pros. 

What is a Built Green home?

Built Green is the home certification program of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties which provides a framework for builders like MN to create environmentally friendly homes. MN Custom Homes builds multiple special projects every year that receive a Built Green certification.

Design Considerations in MN’s Eco-Friendly Homes

Keeping Pollutants Out

Our thoughtful approach to home construction’s impact on the environment ensures that we leave properties better than how we found them. Our eco-friendly homes use materials and finishes with low emissions of harmful compounds. We use low-VOC, low-toxic, water-based paints and finishes to reduce toxins in your home.

MN even incorporates thoughtfully designed dedicated mudrooms and shoe removal areas from the garage to prevent tracking pollutants into your home.

Mudroom in an MN Custom Home with white walls and light colored cabinets.

Home Recycling Program

MN follows sustainable management of construction and demolition waste throughout the process of our Built Green projects. With the support of local recycling groups, we can recycle at least 90% of our demolition materials – drywall, concrete, wood, and metals are diverted from disposal and managed into new productive uses.

Solar Panels & Electric Car Charging

As the world is heading toward clean energy usage, we make it even easier to start using this form of energy in all of our luxury new construction homes by outfitting them with solar panels for improved energy efficiency.

MN homes feature convenient electric car charging ports, and garages in our special eco-friendly projects are air-sealed from the house and outfitted with automatic exhaust fans. 

The roof of an eco-friendly MN Custom Home outfitted with Solar Panels.
The roof of an MN Custom Home outfitted with Solar Panels.

Smart Home Products & Environmentally Friendly Appliances

We only use products and appliances that are highly rated in performance and energy usage. By adding smart home features like automatic lighting and temperature regulation, you can make sure you’re only using electricity when you need it. 

Efficient Home Builds

The best way to save energy is to use it less. That’s why we prioritize getting in and getting out. This results in more efficient build times and less energy usage compared to the industry standard.

MN also prioritizes the use of high-efficiency tripled-paned windows in our special built-green projects. These windows reduce temperature regulation costs and improve acoustic performance. 

Landscaping with Native Plants

We know how important it is to keep the PNW beautifully green. That’s why we’re committed to protecting trees and critical root zones during construction and planting more native plants on our new construction homes. Not only do native plants look beautiful in your new front yard, but they require fewer pesticides, less water, and are overall easier to maintain.

An MN employee planting a tree pushes their boot down onto a shovel's edge to begin digging a hole.
Photo from MN’s Arbor Day Tree Planting Volunteer Outing.

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