Must-Have Smart Home Features In New Construction

MN Custom Homes understands the importance of innovation and home automation in new construction. With our smart home features in new construction, you can monitor home security, improve energy efficiency, and transform your home lighting.

We construct MN homes with the latest smart home technology that learns from you and adapts for comfort and efficiency. Our homes include new technology like advanced video surveillance, voice command hubs, automated lighting, and more! 

Smart home features in MN Custom Homes

Smart Home Hub

MN Custom Homes uses the Brilliant Tech Smart Home Control Hub in all our new builds to centralize your home’s controls. The hub is installed in the place of a standard light switch so it doesn’t stand out and powers lights, music, cameras, door locks, smart plugs, and more. This smart home controller even has a built-in intercom, a motion sensor, and an Alexa voice option.

The hub even allows you to create personalized smart home automations set to change multiple features at once. For example, create your perfect ‘bedtime scene’ that locks your doors, lowers your thermostat, and dims the lights in your bedroom at 10:00 pm. You could also create a ‘morning scene’ set to slowly brighten your room, preheat your bathroom floors, start a pot of coffee, and turn on soft music when it’s time to wake up. 

The Brilliant Smart Home Hub integrates with tons of other platforms, including:

  • Alexa
  • Hey Google
  • Sonos
  • ring
  • Google Nest
  • hue
  • Kwikset

Image of a Brilliant Smart Home hub screen on a white wall.

Learning Thermostat

A learning smart thermostat connects to the Brilliant Smart Home control hub and monitors when you are home and what temperature you prefer at specific times. From there, it will learn and know how to predict your temperature needs before you. The learning thermostat can automatically turn itself down when you’re away, reducing your energy consumption.

Video Doorbells & Automatic Locks

In an MN Home with video doorbells and automatic locks, you can see who is at the door and even let them in with a touch of a button. Do you struggle to remember if you’ve locked the front door? Wifi smart locks allow you to control your locks remotely through a smartphone mobile app or an Alexa voice command. They can simplify your routine and improve overall home security for peace of mind. 

Image of Chime Doorbell Camera on a white wall. The camera displays the stoop of the front door.

Smart Lighting

Lighting sets the tone in any home. In our luxury new construction, you can set your lighting to change based on your schedule or even sync them with sunrise and sunset. The Brilliant Smart Hub also has motion sensors to turn lights on when you enter and turn off when you leave.

You can change your lighting directly in the home hub, on your mobile app, or with the voice-controlled lighting feature.

Audio and Video Intercoms

Each Brilliant hub has a digital screen and camera with a privacy shutter. Use the video intercom feature to communicate with people in other rooms or check in on pets when you’re away. You can also set the high-resolution screen to display your favorite photos or choose a neutral color to keep your walls looking sleek.

Integrated Speakers

Can you spot the integrated speakers? 

Entertaining is easier with MN. Depending on your spec level, we can install top-of-the-line, recessed speakers in your great room, kitchen, and primary ensuite bathroom. When designing your custom home, can add extra speakers to any additional room in your house. 

We add volume controls in each room so you can play music, adjust sound levels, and curate the perfect vibe in every room. Remember, Smart Home technology does not need to be complex – sometimes, just a simple volume knob is all you need.

Clothing Steamers, Home Gyms, and more

Modify Smart Home features to make the most sense for you and your family, which means you can add an extra washer and dryer set, a home gym, or extra touchpads built into every room.  Not a fan of Smart Home Technology? No problem, we can adjust features to your needs!

During your complimentary smart home consultation, we’re happy to help you set up other cool features like a timer on the Genie garage door openers to automatically shut your garage door after one hour.

Is Smart Home Tech Hard to Use?

Smart home tech has a small learning curve, but it isn’t hard to use. Older technology needs a smartphone connection, but the phone might be dead or far away when you need it. MN Homes incorporates new smart home products using control panels. These built-in features always maintain a clean look, stay charged, and complement the home design. 

MN Custom Home provides a complimentary smart home consultation for home buyers where a specialist will walk you through every step of using your smart home and answer any questions. 

Will My Smart Home Still Work If My WiFi Goes Down?

In short, yes! Your MN smart home will still operate when Wi-Fi goes down. You only need Wi-Fi to use the video intercom or connect to other smart devices.

Find Your Perfect Smart Home With MN

At MN Custom Homes, we strive to innovate in every way. We aim to create modern and comfortable homes that can be tailored to your needs and incorporate technology, new ideas, and gadgets into the construction of your luxury home. 

Get started finding your next home with a property search based on your family’s needs.

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