Outdoor Covered Living: Covered Outdoor Living Spaces “Must-have” in New Construction Homes

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At MN Custom Homes, we know that covered outdoor living spaces in new construction homes are the new “must-have” for homeowners. This space has risen in popularity and has proven more valuable than ever this past year as we all find ourselves spending more time at home. Also, to safely stay connected, (and since indoor gatherings are risky), many homeowners are spending more time in outside living areas when they are with anyone outside their household.

The trademark of our outdoor rooms has always been open-airflow, gas fireplace (no smelling like a campfire!), gas BBQ line, ceiling heaters, TV and in-ceiling speakers, and a view of your beautiful new yard. This vital space allows you to interact with family and friends as if you were sitting in your living room, but while maintaining a safe environment for all. With convenient pathways on the side of the house, guests will not need to enter the home at all to access the outdoor space!

Enjoying your MN Custom Homes covered outdoor space year-round is easy.

During the cooler months, you’ll enjoy the gas fireplace with a throw blanket and hot chocolate (or a hot toddy!) And let’s not forget the covered BBQ area for grilling up tasty bites. If cooking/preparing food outdoors isn’t your thing, try supporting your local restaurants with takeout or delivery at home, in your outdoor covered living room!

During the warmer months, string up some lights to add a bit of atmosphere to the evening chats, swap your drink for something cold, and curl up with a good book while dinner is finishing on the BBQ. Luckily, our area enjoys moderate temperatures, which means hours of enjoyment for you outside. It is like having another room in the house.

Each space in an MN Custom Homes property is designed to be as functional as possible, but we always will work with our clients to make sure they have all of the elements to be the most comfortable inside and outside of their home. On our website, you’ll find photos of past outdoor rooms that can give you inspiration for your own!

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