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Color Drench or Just the Ceiling? MN’s Tips for Top Interior Paint Trends

Painting is an easy way to refresh and update any room and adding a splash of color can take your makeover one step further and create a unique vibe. Current interior paint trends like painting the ceiling a bold color, using accent paint to highlight architectural features, or drenching your room in all one color are bold ways to give your space a new look. 

Here are our best tips and colors for pulling off these paint trends. 

Interior Paint Trends

Incorporating Trending Paint Colors

Current paint color trends are more vibrant than previous years. While there are still some off-whites and grey shades, dark and light shades of blue, chocolate brown, comfortable greens, and light pink shades are more popular than ever and are a great way to add color to your home. 

Here are some of this year’s most popular paint colors: 

Using Paint to Highlight Architectural Features

MN’s interior designers love creating a focal point with color. Paint can highlight interesting architectural details like wall moldings and draw attention to one section of the room. This trend is especially useful for decorating open floor plans. 

Painting Just the Ceiling

Painting the ceiling a distinct color is a certain way to elevate your living space. This popular TikTok paint trend visually brings your eye up and is perfect for bringing attention to a stylish light fixture or unique architectural features. 

Setting For Four

If you want to make your ceiling the focal point of your room, try painting your ceiling with one of these popular and proven ceiling paint colors.

Tips for pulling off the ceiling paint trend: 

  • Crown molding divides the walls and ceiling and frames the pop of color. Think twice before painting your ceiling if you don’t have molding. 
  • Using a dark color like dark grey, navy, or even black can add to the wow factor of your room. 
  • Stick to flat paint on the ceiling. Anything with more sheen might give off an unflattering glow. 
  • Choose something that pairs well with your current color. Giving your walls a fresh coat while you do the ceiling will give everything a cohesive look. 

Saturating your room with color

The monochrome trend, also known as color-drenching or color-saturating, can make any room feel more moody. This interior paint technique works well in rooms with architectural elements like wall panels and wainscotting that add subtle dimension to the room and break up the color. 

The Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2024 is Blue Nova. Image courtesy Benjamin Moore

This paint trend can be achieved in two ways. The first is by using one shade for the walls and ceiling with no variation in hue to add subtle dimension to a room. When using one hue, make sure to use different paint sheens for the walls and ceiling. We recommend using an eggshell sheen on the walls, flat on the ceiling, and semi-gloss paint for the trim. 

The second way to color drench is by using multiple shades to break up the color. Multiple shades can also make the room look bigger and soften the overall look. 

Tips for pulling off the monochrome paint trend: 

  • Try combining this style with wallpaper for a more maximalist look.
  • Nervous about committing to a bold color? This trend still looks great using white or gray paint. 
  • Be sure to look at the color at different times of the day. Some colors (especially greens) can give off an unflattering cast.

More Paint Trend Tips From The Pros

Use high-quality paint. Spending a bit more on paint is well worth it. Using low-quality paint requires more coats, costing you more time and money in the long run. Stick with a reputable paint company like Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore. 

Think about your home’s color palette. Will this color go with the rest of your house? Try making a mood board with all your paint colors and themes to create a more seamless look. 

Test your color first before committing. Buying paint can be overwhelming, but before you commit, try a paint visualizer or test the color on your walls. Many major paint companies now offer paint samples through the mail or large, easy-to-use paint stickers.

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