Special Project “REACH The Need” 2021

On July 20th, 2021, MN Custom Homes completed the second home of Special Project “REACH The Need” – the first of which was built in 2019. 

About the Project

Special Project “REACH The Need” is an MN initiative under MN’s partnership with Jubilee REACH. This project was born through the idea that the best way we can give back is through our strengths. Our strength is building homes, so let’s create a way for our homes to directly benefit our community. Each “REACH The Need” home that is built directly benefits Jubilee REACH’s programs. The home chosen this year is actually a few blocks from Jubliee’s center. While the project was underway, they were able to see the progress as well as thank the vendors who worked on the home who ultimately contributed to the support of their programs. 

Special Project  Special Project

The home’s status changed to pending within the first weekend it hit the market – it sold soon after.

100% of the profits of the “REACH The Need” home directly funds Jubilee REACH programs. In addition to the donation of all the profits, the vendors we work with on these homes helped maximize that profit by discounting their services.

 About Jubilee REACH

 Jubilee REACH is a nonprofit based in Bellevue. Their mission is to bring healing, build community, and transform lives. Jubilee REACH focuses on giving back to the community by supplying various free resources to students and families in need. Their programs are detailed by these four pillars: 

  • In the Schools: Our partnership with the Bellevue School District allows our staff, called Site Coaches, to build relationships & community before, during, and after school.
  • Jubilee REACH Center: Serving as a hub for hospitality, our Center offers various services including ESL classes, before and after school care, tutoring, pregnancy care, and dental care.
  • Jubilee REACH Thrift Store: With quality goods and a hospitable shopping experience, our thrift store restores lives and empowers families in need to lead healthy lives. 
  • Community Building Events: Events such as Jubilee Service Day, Festival of Trees, and the ATTYs bring people from different areas together to celebrate as a community.

Giving Back

We encourage all businesses to give back to their communities, whether it be internal initiatives or a partnership with a local (or global) nonprofit.

Special Thanks To:

Jubilee REACH
Behnke & Sons Excavating LLC
Utility Trench, Inc.
Grove Window Supply, Inc.
Uresco Construction Materials, Inc.
Epic Plumbing LLC
Southern Heat
Provident Electric Inc.
Master Insulation & Services LLC
Summit Drywall Inc.
Shoffner Consulting
Northwest Group Real Estate
Columbia Bank
America 1st Roofing & Builders, Inc.
Sterling NW, LLC
J&D Sunny Side LLC
J-S Contracting, Inc.
Noble Interiors & Design
Global Granite Inc.
Miller Brothers Landscaping, Inc.
Jireh Asphalt & Concrete
Legends Roofing Co, Inc.
South Fork Geosciences, PLLC
J Luxe Designs
Terrane, Inc.
The Truss Co. & Building Supply Inc.
Image Crane Service
Cascadia Fire Protection
Seattle Lighting
Western Pacific Building Materials
Architects Northwest, Inc.
Fulcrum Engineering, LLC
Civil Engineering Solutions Inc.
Green Latrine, Inc.
De-El Enterprises, Inc.


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