Exterior Home Styles For New Construction Homes

Choosing a new construction home is exciting, but it may be overwhelming with the number of choices available, specifically the different designs to choose from. In this blog, we’ll cover some popular exterior home design styles and what makes them different from each other.

Exterior Home Styles In New Construction Homes

Craftsman Style

Example of a Craftsman Home - Built by MN Custom Homes

Starting off, we have the Craftsman style. This style commonly features horizontal lines, gable roofs, and covered front porches.

They also tend to have noticeable beams/columns, thicker moldings, and shingles/shakes. Overall, these homes are very symmetrical, rich in character, and have an element of timelessness.



Transitional Style

Example of a Transitional Home - Built by MN Custom Homes

Next up, we have Transitional. This style is exactly what it sounds like – a mix (or transition) of classic and modern home designs.

You’ll see hints of both of these styles which come together beautifully – a design element/practice from one style but executed using elements from the other style. This design features comfort, clean lines, neutral colors, light, warmth, and open spaces.

Modern Style

Example of a Modern Home - Built by MN Custom Homes

Next, we have the Modern style home. This style is the most progressive of the three. These homes are a direct contrast to decorative, ornate home designs.

The Modern style showcases a sleek, fresh style often with minimal detail and flat roofing. Architects leading the modern design movement designed these homes featuring strong horizontal compositions with large open floor plans, intentional asymmetry, and glass windows or glass walls.

Modern homes tend to have an emphasis on function – removing unnecessary details and frills.

Modern Farmhouse Style

A Modern Farmhouse style home often has clean and simple lines and avoids extra ornamentation. 

This home style typically has a steeply pitched gable roof and uses a mix of building materials like wood, metal, and occasionally stone.

Though these are not the only home design styles, they are very common new construction styles. MN builds all three of these exterior home styles within Bellevue and Kirkland, so take a look at what we have currently available.

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