How to Maintain Your New Construction Home – Part 2: Fall Checklist

In a recent post, we discussed the recommended monthly and quarterly home maintenance checks for your MN Custom Homes property. Now, let’s take a look at the list of seasonal tasks to maintain your new construction home in the fall.

Fall Maintenance

  • Consider having your air conditioning system serviced for optimal performance. Refer to your NHO binder for HVAC contractor.  This service is at the homeowner’s expense.
  • Close the garage hose bib shutoff valve and drain hose bib for upcoming freezing temperatures. Roll up water hoses and store them for the winter. Do not leave a hose connected to the hose bib.
  • Inspect hot water tanks and/or boilers if applicable.
  • Cover or move outdoor furniture.
  • Apply fertilizer to the yard.
  • Winterize irrigation system.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts. Make sure water flows through properly. Consider hiring a handyman to do this work.
  • Treat roof for Moss growth. It is best to treat for moss before our rainy seasons (Spring & Fall), which is its growing season.
  • Fertilize landscaping. Recommended four times a year, February, April, June, August, and October.
  • Test your sewer or storm sump pump if applicable. Replace batteries on the back-up alarm.

When you keep up with seasonal maintenance, you’ll keep everything operating at peak performance and looking great. Plus, it’s a great way to notice small repairs that might be needed before becoming a large problem.

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