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MN Minute 23 - NW Idea Homes

MN Minute – Episode 23

In this episode of the MN Minute, Ben Brittingham speaks with Josh Dunn, President of 425 Magazine, about the 2 NW Idea Homes for 2022.

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Ultimate Guide to Presales Homes - MN Custom Homes

The Ultimate Guide to Presales

In this post, we’ll provide an all-encompassing rundown of presales, including an explanation of why presale homes are a great option to consider, how to customize your presale home, and what to expect when buying one.

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MN Minute 20 - Women in Construction

MN Minute – Episode 20

Ben Brittingham speaks with 3 MN Custom Homes Project Managers who are breaking down the stereotypes about women in the construction industry.

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MN Minute Video Tour Corporate Offices

MN Minute – Episode 21

In this episode of the MN Minute, Shaun McFadden, CEO & Co-Founder of MN Custom Homes, tours the new MN Custom Homes corporate offices.

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Interior Design Trends of 2021 Blog Image Header, MN Custom Homes

Custom Home Interior Design Trends in 2021

As we welcome in the new year and look forward to what 2022 can bring, we also want to take a quick look back at where we were in 2021. In the design world, so much can change and develop, especially in the new construction industry. So with that being said, let’s review the trends of 2021.

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MN Minute – Episode 17

In this episode of the MN Minute, Ben and the MN Custom Homes Design Team discuss the design process, including the latest interior design trends and a popular customization in a presale home, interior lighting.

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Presales Customization Guide: Cabinetry

Presales Customization Guide: Cabinetry

Are you looking to customize the cabinetry in your presale home but don’t know where to start or what your options are? When it comes to cabinetry, there are many design choices to consider when creating the perfect storage system for your new construction home. Let’s take a look.

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Special Project "REACH The Need" 2021 Blog Cover Image

Special Project “REACH The Need” 2021

Special Project “REACH The Need” is an MN Custom Homes initiative under MN’s partnership with Jubilee REACH. This project was born through the idea that the best way we can give back is through our strengths. Our strength is building homes, so let’s create a way for our homes to directly benefit our community.

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Real Estate Industry Crash Course - Here's What You Need to Know

Real Estate Industry Crash Course: Need to Know Terminology

It can be confusing to enter the world of real estate and have no idea what anything means. That’s exactly why we created this short list of real estate terminology you’ll hear from brokers whether you’re buying a new construction home or selling a home you’ve treasured for years.

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Home Design Styles in New Construction Homes - Interior

Home Design Styles In New Construction Homes – Interior

Exterior home design is not the only part of the design to consider when selecting a new construction home, interior design is equally as important. In this blog, we’ll cover some popular interior home design styles and what makes them different from each other.

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MN Minute 15

MN Minute – Episode 15

In this episode of the MN Minute, Ben explains what our tagline, “Thoughtful Homes That Inspire Community,” means to us. He discusses core design elements of our new construction homes and details on our MN Cares program.

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